Combination of Heatwaves and Drought May Convert Carbon Sinks into Carbon Sources

by Caroline Hays

Droughts and heatwaves are becoming more common place and more severe. They impact the carbon and water cycles in terrestrial ecosystems, which affect the carbon sequestration capability of terrestrial ecosystems. As these extreme climate events become more common, their effects, both separately and together, on the atmospheric carbon balance will be important for accurately projecting global warming’s progression. Yuan et al. (2016) examined the effects of a heatwave and drought in Southern China in the summer of 2013. They found that this drought and heatwave were the most severe experienced in the last 113 years. These events significantly altered the carbon cycle in the region, decreasing carbon uptake enough to convert the region from its historical role as a carbon sink to a carbon source of nearly the same size during July and August of 2013. Continue reading