The Climate Change Challenge and Barriers to the Exercise of Foresight Intelligence

by Ellen Broaddus

In Ross et al. (2016), experts from various academic fields assess some of the barriers that aid today’s denial and inaction combating climate change, even with overwhelming evidence from the scientific community. This hesitancy is traced back to a combination of cognitive shortcomings and the difficulty to work collectively on an issue so complex and seemingly indirect. However, the authors provide examples of strategies used to combat said inaction and their efficacy.    Continue reading

Relationships Among Gender, Science, and Glaciers

by Becky Strong

In 2016, Mark Carey, M. Jackson, Alessandro Antonello, and Jaclyn Rushing from the University of Oregon wrote an article discussing the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers, a topic which they believe is understudied. Glaciers play a major role in climate change, and the authors believe that their common representations have removed their social and cultural context, leaving them to be portrayed as nothing more than “simplified climate change yardsticks and thermometers” (Carey et al. 2016). Continue reading