Who Supports Planting Urban Trees in Hangzhou?

by Caitlin Suh

How should advocates of green infrastructure convince a population to support its implementation, particularly the planting of urban trees? In a study by researchers Jason A. Byrne et al. (2015), the relationship between residents of Hangzhou, China’s knowledge of climate change, familiarity and usage of green spaces, socio-demographic characteristics; and their attitude towards the implementation of green infrastructure are correlated. Through these findings, the researchers proposed methods through which politicians and others could advocate the building of these green infrastructures. Continue reading

The Morality, Ethics, and Values of Climate Change-Related Decision-Making

by Russell Salazar

What must a socially responsible organization do in the midst of a changing climate? Besio and Pronzini (2014) write that discourse on climate change has been transforming into a moral debate, and businesses and organizations must react. They take a closer look at the use of morality as a communicative tool, and analyze its relationship with the decision-making processes of organizations with regard to sustainability. Continue reading