Guest Post Invitation

The Climate Vulture welcomes guest blog posts. As you can see, the blog content is primarily confined to journalistic summaries of current research papers. Posts should reflect a careful reading of the full paper. We prefer to post about papers we like rather than those we don’t.

Scientists and Engineers

Why would you take the time to write a post? It would increase the visibility of a colleague’s new paper for example, and be a compliment. We’ll let the paper’s authors know about the post by email at the time it is published. Even if you have your own blog or website, posting here would create an additional link to it. We’ll identify your professional position along with your byline, and link your name to any site you specify.

Science Writers and Would-Be Science Writers

Here’s another venue you might like to use. We’ll identify your professional position along with the byline if you want us to, and link your name to any site you specify. We’d prefer that you to follow the general approach used for our regular posts.


Obviously the post must be your original writing, be grammatical without typos, and include a full reference to the paper you are writing about. If there’s an online photo you’d like us to link to, please include the URL. We reserve the right to reject posts for any reason, and might edit them a bit for clarity if we think desirable.

How to Submit

Paste your post into an email message to with “Guest Post” in the subject line. We’d rather not have to open attachments because of unintended baggage they may be carrying. If we accept a post, we’ll publish it promptly.


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