Using Cloud Computing to Monitor Climate Change

by Tyler Dean

The department of Biomedical Engineering at the Adhiyamaan College of Engineering has proposed a system that provides monitoring benefits to a large number of users by deploying a collection of observed data over a long period of time. The system uses a combination of advanced technologies to collect comprehensible environmental data that can be accessed from any location online. The system requires sensors for air pollution, temperature and humidity of a selected place. The data acquisition system acquires the data of temperature, humidity, pollution of air including Illumination, dust, carbon dioxide, ultraviolet, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure and the altitude from remote sensing areas .The system can be used for intrusion detection, used to remotely monitor the conditions of a place, to determine the habitat of a place and to field conditions to specify which cultivation is suitable for a region. The system is designed to indicate higher pollution levels with an alarm and predict future levels of pollution and temperature change through an automated checking mechanism that also helps conserve energy because it doesn’t have to constantly monitor the environment. Several projects measure these things, however most focus on one place and the data is not recorded in a manor in which it can be accessed globally. Cloud computing, the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, allows data to be accessed anywhere in the world, which brings access to a large number of users. It relies on sharing of resources and collaboration to achieve coherence and economies if scale.

Monika R, Pranith Jain R, Salmaan N. 2014. Monitoring Climatic Changes by Cloud Computing. Science Q 1. 1-4.

Click to access 1016898226.pdf


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